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Offices and distrubutors



Offices and distrubutors

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Statement of excellence


We are committed to excellence

As the leading manufacturer of excipients in the world, we need to make sure you can rely on us. That’s why we only work with highly skilled people, resulting in excellent and consistent excipients.


Excellent People

We know how a company culture defines its performance. Therefore we invest in a culture of excellence. A culture that puts customers first, is process oriented and cultivates reliability. A culture that inspires and challenges our team of 360 highly motivated people. People that come from all over the world and have a profound knowledge of formulation technology and the pharmaceutical market. People that have experience in a wide area of fields. People who deeply understand your needs.


Excellent quality

*IPEC: International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council; **PQG: Pharmaceutical Quality Group; ***ICH Q7: applicable for inhalation grade lactose.