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Pharmacel® 112

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  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Highly consistent excipient
  • Suitable for water sensitive drugs

Pharmacel® 112

Pharmacel® 112 is a directly compressible microcrystalline cellulose grade with a low moisture content (LOD < 1.5% w/w), especially designed for formulating active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with a high sensitivity for moisture. Pharmacel® 112 can be used in a wide range of oral solid dosage (OSD) forms as binder, compressing agent, diluent and/or disintegrating aid. Its low moisture content may lead to improved drug stability without compromising the performance of the final drug product. The highly protective packaging guarantees complete protection of Pharmacel® 112 from moisture uptake.

Typical values


Tapped density 460 g/l
Bulk density 330 g/l

Particle size

D10 40 μm
D50 90 μm
D90 180 μm

Hausner ratio


Production site

Nagpur, Cuddalore, India

Sample size

Default 500 g

Conforms to USP-NF, Ph.Eur., JP, IP

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Physical – Chemical Properties

Pharmacel® 112 can be characterized by its narrow bulk density specification (0.28-0.34 g/ml) and its consistent, good flow properties. Typical values for the key parameters are shown in the table below Uniform flow of the excipient is a prerequisite for consistent production. Pharmacel® 112 exhibits very consistent flow behavior when analysed using a ring shear cell tester.

Tabletability and Dwell Time

Excellent tabletability and low dwell time sensitivity of Pharmacel® 112 enables processing at low to moderate compaction forces. The low dwell time sensitivity of Pharmacel® 112 is demonstrated in the table below by the comparable tablet tensile strength at slow (50 mS) and fast (20 mS) tableting speed.

Pharmacel® and Lactose Formulations

DFE Pharma is the only global excipient company who offers both lactose and microcrystalline cellulose. The optimum tableting balance between flow and compaction can easily be achieved by combining Pharmacel® 112 with one of the direct compressible lactose grades (SuperTab®) offered by DFE Pharma achieving the perfect combination of brittle and plastic excipient behavior.

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